Monkey Banana. Can you handle the cool?

Monkey Banana.  Can you handle the cool?

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Emily Jones

Is the SHIT y'all.

Give this girl an honest listen. I have yet to come across music that moves me more than my darling Emmy.

Her newest recording is amazing: Call The Rain Down

Too much Coffee...

So yeah, I said the cup of coffee before Lost wouldn't keep me up. But it did.

I lay awake in bed all night pondering something my fellow (but much more successful) blogger Joel asked me recently. Now, I have a shitton of respect for Joel, as well has his 2 books, Swish- My Quest to Become the Gayest Person Ever and Gay Haiku... so when he asks a question... I give it thought. So, last night, in my caffeine induced insomnia... I pondered Joel's latest issue.

Well, I'm working on a proposal for a book about marriage equality. And I'm trying to discuss the "marriage is for procreation" objection as a fallacious syllogism, but I can't figure out what kind it is, mostly because I can't figure out exactly what "for" means.


Marriage is for procreation.
Same-sex couples cannot procreate.
Therefore same-sex couples should be forbidden to marry.

Now, I know that this is a flawed syllogism, because look:

Books are for reading.
Jane cannot read.
Therefore Jane should be forbidden to buy books.

Baseball caps are for shielding the head from the sun.
Today the clouds are covering the sun.
Therefore people should be forbidden to wear baseball caps today.

But I can't figure out which kind of flaw it is (undistributed middle, illicit process, etc.).

Any help?

So I came up with "exclusive preposition"... which... it is. But wasn't what Joel was looking for (sniffs and sobs) but he called my idea brilliant, so I feel better about it. But yes, last night, I lay in bed next to a snoring beast of a blanket hog- uh... mean, my husband... and thought about well... What IS marriage for? as well as WHAT is FOR procreation?

This is what I concluded at 4:47am:

Marriage is for legal distribution of assets between 2 people.

Essentially, this is all a "marriage" is for, in the sense that a marriage is nothing more than a legality between consenting adults who wish to join together for a proposed lifetime (though, really... few hold this ideal any longer). Anything and everything else a marriage might be, or might be part of a marriage, you can actually have without being legally married. Some might look down upon your sinful union but nobody is going to jail for it. Marriage is a kind of business relationship... a partnership in which things are not divided 50/50 the way they are in commerce, but rather things are 100/100. Everything that is yours is your spouse's, and everything that belongs to your spouse is yours. At least, this is how a healthy marriage should be, in my tiny little opinion.... but hey, this is my blog. So there.

And what about procreation? Marriage isn't for procreation, as Joel points out. Besides, lots of people who procreate are not married. I'd even hazard a guess that it's close to 50/50 in North America.

Again, 4:47am had me with this conclusion:

Consentual heterosexual intercourse with deliberate omission of contraception is for procreation.

Mother of all Creation... that's a mouthful. But it is true. Yes, same sex couples procreate, as do couples with fertility issues, with a little professional help. That help comes in the form of simulated consentual heterosexual intercourse with deliberate omission of contraceptive. A lesbian couple cannot concieve without a sperm donor and a turkey baster. Gay couples cannot get their surrogate pregnant no matter HOW frequently they have a go at one another... they require simulated hetero intercourse.

So, now I am functioning on about 3 hours sleep, but I feel better about the world, having put this issue into perspective.

Also, on Lost last night, we got more Martin Keamy, and well... Kevin Durand and his giganticness ALWAYS make me happy.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

She is here!!! Part 2

My beautiful baby puppy was born yesterday!!!

Black with a white patch on her front.

We have no clue what we're going to name her... but so far, we both agree on Tony Harrison... named after this hysterical character from The Mighty Boosh ^^

To see the "man" in action, view this clip.

When she's naughty, we'll tell her "THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!" and it will be funny to no one but us.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Ummm... Yum....

So... this is on my desktop....

I get no work done.

Should I change it?

I didn't think so.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

She is here!!!

So, my predicted birthdate of miss Naomi was off by 19 days.... but whatever. I got to hold her before anyone else in the family (though a friend from church beat me to be the first to hold her other than mom and dad- sneaky Christians). Anyways, she's gorgeous. And I'm glad she's finally here.

My novels are suffering at the moment (marchbreak SUCKED the creative juices right out of me), but today I'm listening to my iTunes playlist of inspirational songs and songs that remind me of my characters and their situations... hopefully I'll get crackin' at some point. Someone needs to whip my butt into shape.

Speaking of buttshape... I'm not doing well with my diet.... it sucks... and I'm frustrated with myself. I haven't gained ANY weight in well over a year, but I'm 10lbs from my goal weight... I just wanna get there. Sigh. I have a feeling once we get the pup I'll be much more active. (right? I'm gonna be walking etc because I *have* to, right?)

I really need a Wii and the Wii Fit. and a diamond ring. I wonder if my birthday will bring me either of those things.....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Okay... who missed me?

All one of my followers? Love you B.

I've had a sick kid, and march break to contend with. I'm back now.

  • Lasik surgery booked for April 23rd. So much joy. Matt is upset that it's the same weekend as the Green Living show, but really... we can go on the sunday. AND I WILL BE ABLE TO SEE!!!
  • We are getting a puppy this summer. Matt says he's still researching breeds etc, but I've put my name on a waiting list for a litter that's due in 2-3 weeks of cute little black cockapoos (as seen above!)
  • I am going to an Alice in Wonderland adult party at the Children's Museum in Kitchener next Saturday. I can't wait. Pls do check out deetz heah. Funtimes.

I think that's all the news I have so far.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


So, 10 minutesish to Survivor. I'm a Hantz Fantz. I ADORE this man. I hope hope hope he sticks around good and long. Also, JT... Nummers.

Plus, then it's all about Grey's and PP afterward... I love Thirsty night.

Got myself a pot o' the Dominican's finest Joe, and a man to rub my feet. It's gonna be a good night.


Monday, March 8, 2010

the Monkey Banana amazes me

I have studied that thing in great detail and depth. I am in awe of the Monkey Banana.

It's Moonday. I used to love today... used to. Now I kinda... just... tolerate it. It's gymnatics day, and the kid will be a hyper little monkey all morning, running off her steam (hooray!!). But it's not the same anymore. My fave element of the day is missing, and I miss you Roy. I just do. ♥

I have dinner plans tonight... thai? Mayhaps. It'll depend on what the preggo is craving at this particular time... but I've got a hankerin' for some pinapple coconut red curry. omg, my dieting is NOT going well.


I get to hang out in the hospital this aftermooner while mom has her mammers grammed.

Most exciting news of the weekend? I booked my Lasik consultation!!! Shazaam!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Dress by Request

It's a super mod mini dress, which, with the right pair of brightly hued Doc Martens, will look SMASHING on me for the wedding. Now, I just need to figure out how to execute the perfect mod make-up job, and figure out my hair....

tips? Suggestions?


Oh Tim, you slut.

So I was planning to give up coffee (at least, I was planning on giving it a valiant *try*)... but now that it's Roll Up the Rim time... I can't be arsed.

This comes from my sudden realization that no matter how healthily I DO eat... I also pig out on junk daily.

Yes, I eat fresh, local, organic... when I cook. But when I don't... I'm all canned pasta, donuts, and chips. This is stopping. Today.

I have a wedding to attend in June, and a fabulously Mod dress to wear... while I know I shall never attain Twiggy-like weight, I wanna bust this gut off my middle.

Yesterday I had 5 pints of water (that's 10 "glasses") and I plan to continue this daily. It's how much we're supposed to be getting, and it's my understanding that water helps to curb snacking, because snacking happens when our brain is actually telling us we're thirsty, not hungry. Nobody snacks when their stomach growls, right? No... then you eat. Snacks come at a time of thirst. By keeping thirst at bay, I hope to keep chips etc. at bay as well.

So... yeah, I'm on my way to drop Ziggy off at school... and I will stop at Tim Horton's for my Roll Up the Rim coffee... BUT I WILL NOT GET A DONUT!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Puppy Love

My nearly 12 yr old Nephew in England is my fave person to talk to on MSN. He's sweet, charming, and so amazingly funny.

He has a girlfriend :)

I'm gettin' the dirt at the moment. He says she's "absolutely beautiful". I hope he tells her that.

Richard Alpert

Im also wearing this custom made teeshirt today... It has a picture of Nestor Carbonell on it from Lost...

It says my fave Lost related internet meme (yes, I'm that big of a nerd):

"With Cane being cancelled, Nestor Carbonell should be free for Lost"

About 100 ppl in the whole world *get* it... and I love that.

Tim Horton, how I love thee.

So it's Roll Up The Rim time again. I've won a coffee... then that coffee was a whore and gave me nothing in return.

I was woken up at midnight, 2am and 4am by my child. At 4 she just came and got in bed with me... so... yeah.
I'munbearablytired. Timmie's... here I come.

Oh! Africam! I have been watching this live-feed cam for 3 yrs now...
Click Nkorho Pan below the vid screen... you know you wanna.

I've seen every kind of African Wildlife (minus Gorillas... clearly) at this South African Game Reserve. Sometimes you get nothing, sometimes you get herds of stuff. The cam autozooms and autopans based on movement (I'm pretty sure, anyway).... I just leave the screen open in the background of whatever I'm working on, and check it out if I hear splashing etc.

So... that baby didn't get borned yesterday. I lost the pool. Ah, Crumb.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


If you throw something made of rubber across the kitchen at the sink... it will bounce and fly out and make you laugh...

and a mess on the floor/counter/sink/cupboards.


I had completely forgotten how much I HATE blueberries until I decided to eat a blueberry granola bar.

I am so glad that we're having Nachos for supper again tonight.

Is it possible to love The Killers any more than I do? I doubt it.


You heard me. Here it is.

HumpDay. In the immortal words of my pal BigDaddyBrown, this day is all about dryhmps.

Usually, Wednesday finds me with a morning off while the Zig is in preschool, and working at home. Not the case today. She went to school alright, but then I had shit to get done, like... ummm... taking a long and leisurely shower, before heading to a girlfriend's place to babysit for her.

She's got 3 boys, and baby number 4 on the way any minute (incidentally, I picked today as her delivery date. I guess I'm not gonna win... though... there are 9 hrs left to this day...) and she took the oldest boy with her. This leaves me with 2 boys, 2 and 4, and my own Ziggy, aged 3.5ish.

Holy shit. Her kids nap.

I am stuck in her house with 2 napping boys, and my own child driving me batty. I had forgotten what sleeping kids were like... Zig gave it all up at 18 months. We barely get 9 hrs out of her overnight these days.


Also, OMG, Lost. Only 10 episodes left. Dogen got his ass handed to him by Evil Sayid, and I'm depressed anew. Just when I get over the fact that Locke is actually dead, because there is an AWESOME creepy Japanese dude on the show... gone. Pfft.

A good episode all in all. Keamy's eggs looked fabulous. I'd let him cook me eggs any day.

Should I make nachos for dinner with the leftovers from last night?

Ugh. Humpday... and no Dryhumps.