Monkey Banana. Can you handle the cool?

Monkey Banana.  Can you handle the cool?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

She is here!!!

So, my predicted birthdate of miss Naomi was off by 19 days.... but whatever. I got to hold her before anyone else in the family (though a friend from church beat me to be the first to hold her other than mom and dad- sneaky Christians). Anyways, she's gorgeous. And I'm glad she's finally here.

My novels are suffering at the moment (marchbreak SUCKED the creative juices right out of me), but today I'm listening to my iTunes playlist of inspirational songs and songs that remind me of my characters and their situations... hopefully I'll get crackin' at some point. Someone needs to whip my butt into shape.

Speaking of buttshape... I'm not doing well with my diet.... it sucks... and I'm frustrated with myself. I haven't gained ANY weight in well over a year, but I'm 10lbs from my goal weight... I just wanna get there. Sigh. I have a feeling once we get the pup I'll be much more active. (right? I'm gonna be walking etc because I *have* to, right?)

I really need a Wii and the Wii Fit. and a diamond ring. I wonder if my birthday will bring me either of those things.....


  1. i feel the same way about a dog - it will get me outside walking! but that will suckballz when its 20º below.

    ugh..why is losing the last 10 lbs so hard? why do we need a fucking bootcamp for that shit? it such a small amount when you think of it.. but its actually really really tough, i know. its like your body will miss that poundage and is holding on to it for dear life... its that stupid scale with the stupid numbers that dictate how you are going to feel about yourself that day. screw the scale! since when do numbers tell us how to feel? eff numbers.
    our age gets us down. its a number (actually i'm ok with my age right now, but i'm sure i'll get insecure about it as time goes on) our pant size gets us down. its a number. my shoe size gets ME down. its a large number. the amount of time we have left.. time is a number. therefore numbers = depression.
    i'm so deep. and bored right now.

  2. Numbers = Depression... omg... YOU'VE SOLVED LOST!!!!

    Good Lostigating.

    Did you shit your pants last night? I didn't, but I liked it all the same. MIB is disturbingly sexy... as is Mr. Alpert (though, not as the grubby Italian slave).

  3. um last night was def my favourite this year. Richard is my fave man on the show for every reason. they revealed a lot last night and it was quite satisfying. I was looking at MIB trying to decide if he is sezy, and i think he just might be. i also am finding jacob strangely attractive, even tho he is kind of creepy looking and lion-like. but Ricardo... i look at him differently now knowing where he comes from. Spain? is it Italian? hahah.
    and i dont mind him as a grubby slave tho. i like grubby non shaved.

  4. brain fart. Matt said it was Italian, and I missed the first minute of the show, and thought he knew they were in Italy... plus, when Alpert is on screen, I basically hear nothing.