Monkey Banana. Can you handle the cool?

Monkey Banana.  Can you handle the cool?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

So, it's Summer

Nordic Giant is finished work for the summer.... Zig is out of preschool. And I... I am about to plunk my bum on a beach for 2 months. With family in tow, obviously.

My cottage awaits my love and attention for the next two months. I have a garden to tend to, a beach to supervise, and many many trees to enjoy.

This is good. It's a time of detox. No internet, no telephone.... just radio weather updates and friends. Quiet. Laughter. Bonfires.

My entire life will change when I come back... so... I'm viewing this summer as my time in a chrysalis. A time of restfulness and preparation for the next phase of my life; Life without Zig.

Not completely, of course... omg. No. I simply mean, my life as an at home mommy is going to change drastically because Ziggy is going to Kindergarten which, thanks to McGuinty, is now 5 days a week, and all day long. I will have an empty house (save for Darla) in September.

I've had lots of people ask if I'm going back to work... funny thing is, I never left it. I worked in daycare, caring for small people, for 15 years. I still care for small people... I just have longer hours, and the pay is horrid (unless you count the pictures on my fridge, the laughs, cuddles, kisses and general mommy-daughter mayhem). But when she's gone all day... that's when she'll need to know I'm still here. Mommy is home. Nothing has changed. I can go at the drop of a hat if she's sick or hurt. I can come along on field trips, and supervise lunches if need be. Mommy is there.

But what will I do, you ask? Well.... some of you know I've been writing novels... or at least, trying to when I get a spare couple of hours... but it's hard work when you've got constant interruptions. So that is my plan for September... Write. Complete. Push around. Fingers crossed.... Publish.

But that's all 2 months away. Right now, I'm packing. Packing every piece of summer clothing I have, Ziggy has, and everything the dog might need for 2 months. Tomorrow... My summer of rest begins.