Monkey Banana. Can you handle the cool?

Monkey Banana.  Can you handle the cool?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tim Horton, how I love thee.

So it's Roll Up The Rim time again. I've won a coffee... then that coffee was a whore and gave me nothing in return.

I was woken up at midnight, 2am and 4am by my child. At 4 she just came and got in bed with me... so... yeah.
I'munbearablytired. Timmie's... here I come.

Oh! Africam! I have been watching this live-feed cam for 3 yrs now...
Click Nkorho Pan below the vid screen... you know you wanna.

I've seen every kind of African Wildlife (minus Gorillas... clearly) at this South African Game Reserve. Sometimes you get nothing, sometimes you get herds of stuff. The cam autozooms and autopans based on movement (I'm pretty sure, anyway).... I just leave the screen open in the background of whatever I'm working on, and check it out if I hear splashing etc.

So... that baby didn't get borned yesterday. I lost the pool. Ah, Crumb.

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