Monkey Banana. Can you handle the cool?

Monkey Banana.  Can you handle the cool?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crash, crash. Burn!

So, I have all 3 of 30 Seconds to Mars' albums... and I like them.  But I never really *listened* before.  Well my good friend *b* posted a video of this randomly strange girl transforming herself into Jared Leto using nothing but makeup, time and talent (vid here, if you're interested) and it prompted me to watch many YouTube videos of Mr. Leto which led me to the music videos for 30 Seconds to Mars.

I watched them all.  I was captivated.  I have relistened to their 3 albums.  This is War is by far the best album they've produced- soundwise, etc.  But the videos for the singles from A Beautiful Lie captivated me... they're visually stunning, theatrical, and totally fun to watch.  But the song A Beautiful Lie and the video for it just wowed me.  And I don't wow easily.  Okay, maybe that's a lie... but shut up.  But watch it... and then visit

Also, Jared Leto looks mighty freakin' fine for a man his age.


  1. AH ah ah, I've been listening to that album non-stop this entire year. I wish you had discovered it earlier, but better late than never!!! My favourite song is "Hurricane".

  2. The video for Hurricane has been fillmed and is going to be released soon. I could listen to that song on repeat forevers.

  3. You seriously gots to love Kanye...and the combo with Jared Leto is POWERFUL, sista!