Monkey Banana. Can you handle the cool?

Monkey Banana.  Can you handle the cool?

Sunday, September 19, 2010


So, we're into the swing of things.

Zigz is in kingergarten.... Kindergarten A, to be exact. So far, she's pissed that it's every day, and says it's boring, but likes Mrs. Fleming and the fact that Miss FutureBride is in her class (yes, my 4 yr old is a proud member of the LGBT community).

Matt is back to work, and so far this semester is a massive clusterfuck. For serious.

I have set myself a wee schedule for this year. Here she be:

Monday-Wednesday: Novels... nothing but novels.
Thursday: Coffee with friends in the am, and housework in the pm.
Friday: Laundry and groceries.

Sounds horribly boring, I know. I know. SHUT UP!! I KNOW!

But the 3 days of writing is fun, and I love to write, and I have SOOO much that needs to get put down in text and then edited into what I've already got.

This is my first holiday week as an official OBOD member!! It's Alban Elfed, and that's a whole lot of harvesty goodness. Like, early Thanksgiving. ♥

Also, my hair isn't growing fast enough for my liking. It's not long enough to put up, but long enough to drive me batty, curling around my ears and neck. Plus, I think I want even more bangs... which... I know. I KNOW! Sheesh.

You people sure are pushy. ;)


  1. you are an interesting human i tell ya. an interesting human indeed. its too bad we're not neighbours, riiiiiiiiiyeeeet?
    your life doesnt sound boring, i'd actually take that if you don't mind. my fav part is thursday. coffee with friends. i love how it is reserved for just this. how do you want your hair to look?

  2. long enough to tie up when necessary.

    Also, thursdays are groovy.

    And yes, move to Arthur, promptly, kay?

    I'm interesting? How comes?? ELABORAMATE!

  3. well.. i've never met someone who is part of OBOD.. or anything like that. all that pagan stuff.. you know.. coolness. i think this needs more dots.. ...... ........

  4. OBOD is the hippest, man. Get down and dirty with the trees and rocks.

    Pagans are everywhere, they're just not outwardly visible. Like, we don't have horns and shit.

    you provide the dots, and I'll bring the dashes----------

  5. Yay for OBOD and a Merry Alban Elfed to you. And Congratulations and Welcome and all of that. You are well loved and well received! /|\

    Also... you're growing out your hair? Oh do tell.

  6. Emmy, it was so seriously short for the last 4 yrs... and it's currently the longest it's been in 11 yrs.