Monkey Banana. Can you handle the cool?

Monkey Banana.  Can you handle the cool?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm officially 1 week clean!

Coffee is officially no longer an issue for me! In 1 week I suffered the migraines, the shakes, and then, the horrible issue of what coffee does to one's intestines.

So, since I quit coffee (and consequently, sugar) as well as removing wheat products from my diet, I have lost nearly 7lbs.

Wait... 7lbs in a week? I'm fairly certain that most of this was water retention, and that I won't be losing a pound a day beyond this point.

But I've noticed a huge difference in how my clothes fit, and how my belly looks! Which was my original goal/intent with the sugar/wheat thing... get rid of my jellybelly. It's working!

It turns out that I don't miss wheat, and due to the whole Gluten-Free diet madness, it's really easy to find wheat-free grain products. Today I will be making spelt loaves. I had spelt flakes for breakfast, which... don't let my Irish ancestors hear this... is better than porridge!

Also, today is my birthday. No plans, no fanfare. We had a family celebration on sunday at my mom's. Matt got me the Wii! So... Wii Fit, here I come! More skinnies!

Also, new pics of Darla!

Happy Hump Day my friends!!!


  1. are you jokes guy!??? 7lbs!? wowzers! love it.

  2. I'm workin' on it, girl. We can't all be as fab and slim as you :)