Monkey Banana. Can you handle the cool?

Monkey Banana.  Can you handle the cool?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 2

So, I've licked coffee.... I think/hope/pray. I am 44 hrs since my last cup...

that said, I've had

7 pints of water
3 pints of milk
4 tylenol
and I went to bed at 7:30 last night.

So many ppl are asking "BUT WHY???" which I understand, because... I would have said the same thing to anyone who told me they were quitting coffee about 4 months ago (I tried quitting a couple of months ago, but Tim Horton's lured me in with their sexy Roll up the Rim to Win contest).

Here is why:

I drink my coffee triple/triple... that means 3 sugar, 3 cream. And I mean CREAM. Not light cream, not half and half... I mean 18% CREAM!!!! I've tried even cutting back to double/double but then I don't enjoy the cup of coffee, and I might as well quit.

So that combined with the number of cups of coffee I consume per day (4-6) makes my sugar and milk fat intake incredibly disgusting on a daily basis.

Plus, I cannot- CANNOT- go to Tim Horton's for JUST a coffee. No. I get a donut. And not just any ol' donut. I get a chocolate glazed donut. A roundlet of deep fried chocolate cake coated in a thick layer of SUGAR.

I have gained 15lbs since September... and I blame it all on my coffee consumption combined with my affinity for chocolate donuts.

Everything else I eat is fresh, local, healthy.... I figured the ONE vice wasn't so bad.


I'm done. And I'm kinda proud of me.


  1. I am proud of you too!!! Way to go, Amy. You can do it! Seriously, you'll be amazed months on down the road when you look back at what you used to consume.
    And kudos to you for being honest too, that is really admirable.

    Oh I hear you. These are hard habits to break. But when you do (and your taste buds change) you will not only be healthier, but feel healthy and look healthy and have more natural energy than you ever did on coffee.

    Now, what do you think about decaf coffee? I have tried it (don't do caffeine anymore) but since quitting coffee I don't have a taste for it anymore and don't think it tastes so good. But I still adore the smell.

  2. Decaf coffee .... I dislike it... it tastes funny... and I still put 3 sugar and 3 cream in a cup, so... there's no point in making that switch for me.

    And thanks :) I'm working toward a non-addicted me!

  3. i used to drink double double, but i weaned myself down to a regular. (one cream one surag - nad i put the sugar in myself cuz they make it too sweet) eventually i got used to it and now a DD makes me sick. its all about the brain my friend.. the brain.
    here is a good site that tells you about calories in almost everything. its useful and may make you think twice when ordering stuff. it worked for me.
    you can look up different foods/exercise. cool beans.